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What is ITEAC?

The International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference or ITEAC is the leading international gathering for those involved in conceiving, imagining or making the places we experience performance. It happens every four years, and the next edition promises to be the most diverse and learned conference since the event’s inception in 2002.

About ITEAC 2023

Building on the success of ITEAC 18, ITEAC 2023  has a more ambitious conference than ever, based not only in London, but in three primary centres around the world: Tokyo, London and Bogotà; including both live and digital events from these and other cities.

 ITEAC 23 will consider three themes driving dramatic change in theatre practice and theatre space:

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • The Digital Revolution

  • Serving Communities

For the sixth edition in 2023, this global forum to look at the places where we make and experience performance, will for the first time engage with participants across global time zones helping to achieve a truly worldwide conversation.


Theatres across the world are engaging with our three themes of Environmental Sustainability, Digital Revolution and Communities. With international contributions from Hong Kong to Paris, New York to Seoul, the debate will draw on global experience and a broad, and diverse range of perspectives.


ITEAC 2023 will be available both on an online conference platform and as live delegate gatherings in a variety of locations around the globe, to stimulate face-to-face discussion, debate and discourse.

Why was ITEAC Created?

Having taken soundings around the sector, the late Richard Brett, the stage engineer of his time, discovered that many agreed with him that in the design and equipping of performance spaces, too many mistakes were being made.

The solution: to gather together all involved to discuss, to understand and to learn about the good and the bad.

The format: to be inclusive and as welcoming as possible to not only those engaged in the design and construction of performance spaces – architects, consultants and engineers, as well as acousticians, technicians, owners and contractors – but also to those who create the art; those for whom the spaces must work and whose needs must be understood; to create the optimum environment for stimulation, comprehension and development.


What's happening at ITEAC 2023?

ITEAC exists to stimulate a conversation about what the creators of the performance and its audiences will require of the spaces in which they work. It has always promoted the exploration and dissemination of best practice and championed innovation that helps inform future trends in the world of live performance. In the next edition of ITEAC the ABTT seeks to provide a platform for contributions from around the World, making ITEAC truly INTERNATIONAL.


Having established a diverse and international editorial team, three themes addressing the conversations in which the global community have indicated they wish to participate have been defined:  Environmental Sustainability; Digital Revolution and Communities. These are the themes which ITEAC 2023 will explore, challenge and absorb ensuring that what we design, build, manufacture, install, re-use, re-cycle and retain might be fit for purpose in future years. 

In support of these themes and to provide broad and diverse access for contributors, supporters and delegates, ITEAC 2023 will be held simultaneously across several time zones, with global hubs in Tokyo, London and Bogota and with contributing Partners from multiple locations in between. ITEAC 2023 will be available both on an online conference platform and as delegate gatherings in a variety of locations around the globe stimulating face-to-face elements of discussion, debate and discourse.

How can I get involved in ITEAC 2023?


There will be a wide range of ways in which organisations and individuals will wish to be involved in ITEAC 2023. This includes purchasing tickets to be present and engaged at the event,  sponsoring certain aspects of the event or becoming a partner. We  would always be interested to discuss new ideas for promoting and developing the event.


If you have a specific query, please do get in touch with the Conference Organiser, via the ABTT -

ITEAC is presented by the Association of British Theatre Technicians.

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